Historical Beers


This is an altbier produced in cooperation with Birrando Gustando, an association of amateur tasters and homebrewers from Giaveno (Turin). The aim of the project was to attract even more people to the wonderful world of craft beer. With this copper colored beer, which follows the tradition of German altbier from the Düsseldorf area, the association shows its vocation to explore the world of beer from all angles… with exceptional results!


Homebrewers Maurizio Caselli and Alessandro Gardelli cooperated with Teo And Palli to create a perfectly respectable trippel. The resulting beer has a high alcohol content (10.2%); the color is light and the taste crisp and enticing, thanks also to the hops from England and the Czech Republic. This beer demonstrates how many highly skilled beer lovers are in Italy, making it one of the most rapidly evolving countries in the world of beer.


This beer was created in cooperation with homebrewer Egidio Latronico, winner of the HB2011 national championship. This is a particular kind of stout, obtained by adding oat flakes to roasted and malted barley. The oat adds smoothness to the taste, as well as a touch of sweetness.


The first cooperation between Birrificio Baladin with two homebrewers: Francesco Conforti and Davide Pedrini, first winners of the yearly contest in Piozzo. The first prize is the opportunity to participate in a professional brewing at our brewery. Their debut beer, a 9.5%quadrupel with a strong body, was the pioneer which paved the way for many more cooperation experiences with homebrewers.


A few years after the Nöel Chocolate experiment, it’s time for coffee on Christmas 2007! For this beer, Teo goes for a light flavoring obtained from an extremely prestigious and subtle coffee, chosen by his great friend Leonardo Lelli. The originality of this beer lies in a little trick played to bring to the fore the exceptional quality of this great coffee: a whole bean was placed inside each bottle!


It is now tradition that each Christmas we make a “special” version of Nöel Baladin. NöelChocolate was made for the " Teo goes to chocolate" box, presented at Salone del Gusto 2004. On that occasion, Teo managed to bring together three Italian gurus of chocolate: Domori, Gobino and Rizzati. The box contained three products, all made from the extremely rare Ocumare 67 cocoa by Hacienda San José (used during the boiling stage in the brewing process).


In 2002 Baladin enters its experimental period. A production of Nöel (only 500 liters at the time) was left to ferment with 25% Dolcetto wine must, and forgotten for many years in the“dungeons” of Baladin! After more than 10 years, the surviving bottles have become cult objects and are used only on very special occasions or tasting sessions. A true rarity. A forerunner of the IGA (Italian Grape Ale) style.


A real challenge! Bringing together the most “hoppy” brewery in the world with the least inclined to use this flower. This beer was created during the Italian stay of Greg Koch andMitch Steele - from American brewery Stone Brewing Co. during the Open Day Baladin2011. The result? A Super Baladin with an arrogant bitterness, although very well balanced by the caramel-like nature of the original version. The resulting mix is absolutely unique and enticing.


As is known, Baladin is not all about beers, but also about an idea, a way of doing things, apoint of view, a taste. And that’s why Teo’s restless mind one day conceived a beer tocelebrate his creative crew. Gusto fully reflected their creative and exuberant spirit with itsmarked notes of pepper and its fizz. The orange, sun-like color expressed the joyfulness ofthe team, which was further emphasized by the flowery scents and the taste of citrus andfleshy fruits.


More than a beer, this was an exam! Which we passed with flying colors thanks to the odd synergy between Teo’s creativity and the students from the Pollenzo University ofGastronomic Sciences. With Xyauyù 30 e Lode, they paid homage to one of the greatest tasters of all times: the great Michael Jackson It was included in the range of our so-called couch beers, but with a relevant residual sugar which allowed it to go well with “extreme” cheeses and be a great alternative, for instance, to cherry or port wine.


A special version of Super Baladin made for the world presentation of FIAT 500. Fivehundred numbered bottles were given as presents by FIAT to authorities and celebrities fromthe worlds of politics and entertainment. The same year, a very limited production followedand was sold for Christmas in a dedicated package including a small scale model of theoriginal “500 Baladin”, kindly produced by FIAT especially for us.


This is a saison style, light colored beer. It was actually produced as a pilot of the new version (2013) of Wayan, to study the balance between different types of pepper. It was alsoused to test a particular type of yeast that promotes high attenuation. The result, hence the name, is a very peppery beer with a bold and edgy mix of spices, on a simple and drystructure.


A beer produced in cooperation with Fabio Donelli and Alice Davoli, two of the winners of the Italian Homebrewer Championship. This W TWO has the typical straw-yellow color and cloudiness of a Dunkel Weizen, but adds a subtly and pleasantly hoppy note.


A beer inspired by Belgian golden ales and produced in cooperation with one of the winnersof the National Homebrewer Award, Mauro Queirolo. As per the tradition of this style, the hops and malt are in perfect balance to please the palate with their freshness and lightness. With its golden color and its easy drinkability, Gold One is a fantastic beer to celebrate the summer!


Nöel Vanille is a Christmas ale. Dark, with a good head, it mesmerizes with its explosion ofscents and aromas which evoke a festive atmosphere, full of cuddles and lazy times. In thisversion, a strong but well-balanced taste of vanilla rounds up the experience. The vanillapods come from Madagascar and are processed directly by Baladin through a cold infusionprocess.


The minds (and hands) of Teo Musso and Agostino Arioli - masters of top and bottomfermentation techniques, respectively – were behind the creation of YI-ER, an absolutely unique blend. Teo Musso created ER, a top fermented beer inspired by Imperial Russian Stouts, with a high alcohol content and fermented in oak barrels. Agostino made YI, an 8% bottom-fermented beer, fermented in steel with the addition of raspberries at the end of the fermentation process. This was the hoppy component of the blend. The combination of the two generated YI-ER, a beer with 9.5% ABV and a balancedand unique style. The first brew for the blend was made at the Baladin brewery in Fariglianoduring the Open Days 2012.


Three exceptional master brewers have taken on this challenge: Teo, Leonardo and Sam, in cooperation with professor Patrick McGovern, American archeologist and director of the laboratory of Molecular Archeology at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as fermented drinks expert. He’s better known as Dr. Pat and has already worked with Sam Calagione on his Ancient Ales: beers inspired by the world ancient civilizations. The idea was to create a beer which the Etruscan may have drunk more than 2,500 years ago. Under Dr. Pat’s supervision, ingredients were selected on the basis of the findingsmade at several Italian archaeological sites. The version fermented by Baladin in oak barrels is an intense straw-yellow beer with complex aromas, where the notes of hazelnut, wood and honey pleasantly combine. Theacidity is strong but well balanced and refreshing, and immediately evokes thoughts ofancient Etruscan times.


Slip is Baladin's new interpretation of the kölsch style and has a 5% ABV. The name comes from “Pils” spelled backwards - a style that Baladin does not produce as it is a bottom-fermented beer. The idea was to create a beer that corresponds to the Kölsch style using atop fermentation technique. Slip was produced at the Baladin brewery from a recipe suggested by Gianriccardo Corbo, one of the homebrewers who gained the right to see one of their beers brewed by us, as winners of the Italian Homebrewer Championship organized by MoBi.

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