Shades of coffee that blend with delicious chocolate notes.


This is how we make... Belgian Strong Amber Ale

With its classic brown color, reminiscent of a monk’s tunic, Leön has a nice thick and persistent, hazelnut-colored head. At first smell, the fruity scent of fruit cooked in a wood oven fills the nose. Then, coffee aromas blend with woody nuances, which turn into fuller notes of chocolate as the beer becomes warmer.


The heat of its 9% alcohol content immediately hits the palate, with a touch of sour cherries in brandy. This is quickly replaced by the taste of roasted cereals, which gently fill the mouth with notes of chocolate, cocoa beans and coffee. A rather sweet beer with a strong body, complex but very enjoyable.


Water, barley malt, hops, sugar, yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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To celebrate Christmas 1998, master Teo decides to create a Christmas beer, following the beer-making tradition. Once again taking inspiration from the Belgian tradition, he comes up with Nöel: a dark, sweet, full-bodied beer which fits perfectly with the spirit of Christmas beer toasts.


Over time he realizes, however, that the name of this beer has become a problem when creating other thematic versions - available all year long - such as Nöel Chocolat, Nöel Cafè. It is confusing for customers, and tends to limit sales to the festive season.


With a twist, Teo decides to change the name to reverse the destiny of this beer. The operative word here being: reverse. By reversing the name Nöel, here comes Leön, which every Christmas is accompanied by a special version carrying the original name.

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