100% Italian, extra dry, as delicate as a rose petal


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Soraya has a clear, rich golden color. The head is white and persistent. 

It has intense and delicate scents of rose, accompanied by light hints of yeast and notes of bread crust. 

When you drink it, the taste is dry and lively. A slight acidity makes it fresh and pleasant, with delicate hints of rose petals. The finish brings out herbaceous hop notes and touches of tannin.


Water, barley malt made with the barley from our fields, Carnaroli rice by Cascina Belvedere, hops, mix of spices, aromatic plants in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.


Baladin is committed to supporting Italian agricultural products. Soraya is made with:

  • Water from the Maritime Alps
  • Barley malt from our fields in Piozzo, Piedmont - Italy
  • Carnaroli rice, grown in Vercelli, Piedmont - Italy 
  • Hops from our fields in Piozzo and Busca, Piedmont – Italy
  • Rose petals from plants grown in Piozzo, Piedmont - Italy 
  • Yeast grown at our brewery in Piozzo, Piedmont - Italy
  • Yeast from Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo wine, Piedmont - Italy

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Tasting Notes



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To celebrate the 10th birthday of Soraya - the youngest daughter in the Musso household - Teo has created a special beer, with the ambition of conquering the hearts of all Italian restaurateurs. The inspiration comes from the sweetness of Soraya’s eyes, reflected in use of rose petals in the recipe, and from the land where she was born: Piedmont. The hops and barley are grown in the fields next to the brewery. We use a “pariglia” two-row barley malted by Malteria Monferrato, in Villafranca d'Asti, and an unusual combination of yeasts: the Baladin yeast is combined with a Barolo yeast to make the bouquet even more unique. After years of work in the Langhe region, the Barolo yeast was selected by a spin-off from the University of Turin.

Soraya has is impressively elegant and has a distinct personality, and is pleasant and easy to drink at every sip.

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