Open Baladin Torino

Open Baladin Torino continues the tradition of the great Open pubs in Rome and Cuneo with over 40 draft and 100 bottled beers from Italy - with a particular focus on Piedmont - and abroad.

The mood is joyful and colorful, almost psychedelic, thanks also to the handmade Bailone-style decorations made by our artists.

The menu includes great Baladin classics, such as our burgers with La Granda beef (Slow Food Presidium of the Piedmontese cattle breed) and our fatate, hand-cut potato chips flavored with unique aromas, such as Cyprus pink salt, cheese and pepper and paprika.

Open Baladin Torino is truly open to anyone and welcomes your dog friends. Free wi-fi is also available.


The History

Open Baladin Turin is not “just” a pub. Its project is guided by an ambitious goal: turning Turin into the capital of Italian craft beer in northern Italy. How? By creating a culture of beer, the key point of the whole Open concept.

Like the phoenix, this place has arisen from the ashes of a long unused structure once known as House Canada, as it had hosted the Canadian delegation during the Winter Olympic Games. Owned by the Municipality of Turin, the building has been renovated by Teo Musso and the artist Marina Obradovic - who has decorated all the Baladin bars - and is now a reference point for those who are looking for good beers in Turin.

After Cinzano and Rome, Open Baladin Torino is the third place created to promote the knowledge of Italian craft beer with a very wide selection of carefully chosen draft and bottled beers.

Opening hours: