Research & Development

The thought which guides the research and development activities of the Baladin farm brewery descends from a clear and concise slogan launched in 1996 by its founder and master brewer Teo Musso: “taste in evolution”.

This tendency to evolve all aspects of products, production techniques, our philosophy and communication has constantly guided the vision of Baladin and makes it an inspiring example for many.

Being able to innovate also means being able to invest in the future. The laboratory of analysis is clear proof of this. The desire to control the quality of our production, carry out research on recipes (and analyze our past), autonomously produce one of the most important ingredients in beer making (yeast), and innovate by exploring new production techniques, made it necessary to plan this new investment.

Sound Waves

Sometimes, you need to dream and maybe be provocative to innovate. At the beginning of the years 2000s Teo, who is very passionate about music and, as a master brewer, an explorer of the world of fermentation, thinks that yeast too, as a living organism, can do its work better if stimulated with music.

He immediately puts the idea into practice: he has some huge sound diffusers (some sort of large headphones) built and applies them to a fermenter. The initiative causes quite a stir but, apart from being a nice story to tell and maybe generating some emotion when tasting the beer made with music-stimulated yeast, the project has
no scientific value whatsoever. Until Teo meets professor Duccio Cavalieri.

Hybrid yeast

Think of the stomach of the wasp as an alcove where yeasts can mate and reproduce, generating natural hybrids that can be selected by master brewers to create new beers...

Science fiction? Maybe not. This is professor Duccio Cavalleri’s theory, one of the world top experts in yeasts studies. As it is apparently crazy, the ambitious project has been enthusiastically supported by Teo and the staff of the Baladin lab.

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