The legendary delicately hot cocktail, even richer


Straw-yellow in color, delicately hazy. The nose immediately feels scents of spicy ginger, followed by plant and citrus notes from the Sud di Baladin beer.

The taste is fresh and hot with ginger, thanks to Ginger Beer Baladin. It then releases citrus notes, followed by bitter hints of hops. The finish is persistent and spicy.

Alcohol: 6,5 % ABV
Service temperature: 6/8°C

ENERGY NUTRITIONAL VALUE: 77 Kcal/100ml - 182,49 Kcal/per can


It goes wonderfully with exotic food: Hawaiian poke with salmon, avocado and edamame, amazing with sushi or with a Jianbing crepe.

The History

The origins of Moscow Mule (by Michele Marzella): “Moscow Mule is the cocktail that stands for resilience. This successful drink was created when three unlucky entrepreneurs met. It was back in the 1940s, when three struggling businessmen met in a bar in New York: the first made vodka (now a very popular brand), the second made a ginger drink called “ginger beer”, and the third - a woman - managed a copper products warehouse and was literally drowning in copper cups. The meeting gave life to the renowned Moscow Mule, which Baladin has reinterpreted adding spices to a craft, high quality beer”.


Baladin beer cocktails come from the idea of making classic cocktails using craft beer, whose aromatic characteristics are ideal to respectfully reinterpret their recipes. Baladin pubs and restaurants have long been offering some “twists on classics” to customers who like cocktails. Their success has spurred Teo's desire to create a range of drinks that are ready for every occasion: at a bar or pub table, or comfortably sitting on your couch at home. What makes them unique is not only the use of beer, but also of spirits where the alcohol has been distilled from beer. The idea originally came up to give new life to the beer left in our stocks because of the lockdown, but it actually pushed the Baladin philosophy even further in its effort to create a short and controlled supply chain. For his Moscow Beer - a spicy cocktail with citrus notes - Teo has chosen a beer that epitomizes the Italian agricultural supply chain behind his brewery: Sud di Baladin. Its citrus notes and light character are the perfect match for the spicy ginger in Ginger Beer Baladin. A 100% Baladin drink. 

To make sure that the Baladin beer cocktails are as drinker-friendly as possible, they are available in cans with easy-open ends, which makes it really easy to pour them. The same can, previously cooled, can also be used to sip the cocktail straight from it, or with a straw.


Video ricetta di Casa Baladin

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