Baladin & Music

Mono Baladin

One of Teo’s great passions is listening to music in its various expressions. Since he was a young kid, he has always looked for instruments that would allow him to fully enjoy sounds. Baladin - through beer and much more - is his way of expressing his idea of taste, in all its forms. This the context where the Mono Baladin project and the concept of sound monogamy take shape.

Chitarra Baladin

The idea for the Baladin guitar comes from Teo Musso’s friendship with luthier Nedim Dervic. Nedim was working on a guitar as the final project at the Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan, where he studied, and asked Teo if he could take his inspiration from the shape of the glass he had created to taste craft beer: TEKU™.

Teo enthusiastically accepts and challenges him to think of a 100% Italian product, just like his Nazionale beer.
The project takes shape and the enthusiasm behind it goes beyond a drawing on paper. Nedim teams up with his mentor, the great Italian luthier Mirko Borghino, and together they create the Baladin Nazionale guitar in his lab. It is built by Italian hands and from Italian wood, with Italian amplification and mechanical systems and, of course, it is the product of great craftsmanship, just like Nazionale. A unique and 100% national work of art!

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