Gin made with alcohol distilled from cereals


Gin Baladin is made from distilled cereals. The recipe uses a mix of spices that give it a distinctive flavor, characterized by a pleasant floral note complemented by a light smoky hint of juniper.

The Italian juniper from Tuscany is gently smoked with beech wood. Rounding out the recipe are elderflower, clary sage and the queen of flowers: damask rose, whose notes - obtained by infusion with a low alcohol content to preserve the most delicate parts of the flower - complete a sophisticated bouquet of flavors.

The first sip reveals an elegant floral, slightly smoky aroma. This initial sensation then evolves into a marked bitter note that is typical of juniper. 


The meeting of two masters of taste has given birth to Gin Baladin. Carlo Quaglia, master distiller, and Teo Musso, master brewer. Their friendship and shared vision made it easy for them to take on the challenge of starting from a peculiar alcohol - distilled from cereals - to make a gin with character and rich aromas, perfect to be combined with the tonic waters produced in Piozzo. The exchange and friendly challenge between the two did the rest when choosing the botanicals. The result is a little masterpiece. Produced in a limited edition.


Perfect to make gin tonics with Baladin tonic waters.

Video ricetta di Casa Baladin

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