The most popular mix of the moment, with beer distillate and Italian tonic water


Clear and bright, with medium-fine persistent bubbles, it has a rich and fragrant scent, with notes of resin that come from the juniper, followed by the floral and citrus notes of the other botanicals used in the distillate. 

The taste is dry, clean and bitter. It has a floral character, where the delicate notes of cabbage rose and the bold aroma of Damask rose - reminiscent of middle-eastern food - emerge, along with citrus touches of lime and bergamot. Gin and Tonica Baladin create a perfect dialog and leave the mouth clean, ready to take another sip.

Alcohol: 6,7 % ABV
Service temperature: 6/8°C

ENERGY NUTRITIONAL VALUE: 64,27 kcal/100ml - 152,25 Kcal/per can


Perfect for the entire meal, it can support earthy dishes, especially tasty, grilled meat, thanks to the aromatic nature of juniper and the gentle bitterness.

The History

The origins of Gin Tonic (by Michele Marzella): Gin tonic is the long drink that comes from the desire to feel good. It was created by English soldiers during their rule in India, when they used to drink a very bitter quinine drink, called Tonic Water, to limit the damage caused by malaria. This drink, which was very different from the pleasant versions we know today, was mixed with gin to make it palatable. 


The history of Gin Tonic Baladin? Simple... it's Teo’s favorite cocktail and he wanted to make his own personal edition. And he didn’t accept any compromise: together with his friend Carlo Quaglia - from the distillery by the same name - he developed the recipe for a gin where the alcohol is distilled from beer. He then added Tonica Baladin, which has the right balance of quinine to give just the right touch of bitterness. Teo likes to sip it as an aperitif at the Baladin Open Garden. 

To make sure that the Baladin beer cocktails are as drinker-friendly as possible, they are available in cans with easy-open ends, which makes it really easy to pour them. The same can, previously cooled, can also be used to sip the cocktail straight from it, or with a straw.

Video ricetta di Casa Baladin

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