Birreria Le Baladin - Piozzo

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Ladies and gentlemen, come on in! Seen from the outside, Le Baladin pub looks like any other pub: decorated walls and a few tables for its guests. But once they venture inside, visitors open their eyes in disbelief as they take in the sight of a large tensile structure that looks like a circus tent. This is where the Birrificio Baladin adventure began. The first floor hosts the gallery of freaks, with representations of acrobats and tarots hanging on the walls.

Of course, the pub serves a large selection of Baladin beers on tap, the full range of our bottled beers, cider, distillates and barley wines.

Good beer goes with good food. Le Baladin serves burgers, the legendary pork shank, salads, focaccia and many other flavorsome dishes to be enjoyed in a wonderful setting,

maybe one of the many nights when the pub hosts a concert.


The History

This is where everything began. In 1986, Teo and his then girlfriend Michelle - a young French dancer – decide to open a crêperie in his native Piozzo, a little village in the Langhe region in Piedmont. He rents a former inn and opens his business. At first, his passion for beer - and his slight aversion to wine - makes him fill the menu with more than 200 international beer labels to be sipped with the crêpes.

Gradually, Teo’s good choices earn the small place a good reputation and more and more customers. Its name is Le Baladin (a jester in English), suggested by Teo’s friend François from Cirque Bidon to pay homage to his nature. Years go by and the place grows and changes. A large circus tent appears and covers the now paved gravel courtyard, furnished with Oktoberfest-style tables and chairs. In the meantime, Teo’s inspiring muse has changed too: Nora is his new partner.

Together, they decide a new future for Le Baladin: from crêperie to brewpub. After months of study and travels with Nora to explore Belgian microbreweries, the production of Birra Baladin begins. Over time, the production facilities are moved to other places for reasons of space and logistics. But even today, the aura of magic that filled the pub in its first years has remained unchanged. A large kitchen has now replaced the first brewing facility.

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