Its perfumes take you to patches of blooming fields.


This is how we make... Saison

This deep yellow, slightly hazy saison has a fine, persistent head with a beautiful light cream color. The very complex scents immediately evoke flower fields and make you gently land on a sea of thyme and rosemary.

As soon as the beer warms up, the vegetal scents evolve into a wonderful floral bouquet, which finishes with clear notes of ground pepper. When sipped, it releases an allegory of tastes: from sweet malt to citrusy flavors and brighter notes of spices and fresh pepper, which make you want to take a second, pleasant sip, and a third, and a fourth...


Water, barley malt, spelt, wheat malt, wheat, rye, buckwheat, hops, mix of spices, citrus zest and aromatic herbs in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



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2000: the new millennium begins and the Musso family grows with the birth of Wayan, a name that in Balinese means first born. The family of Baladin products grows too, with a beer that Teo dedicates to his first daughter and will carry her name. Initially, it was conceived as a pure saison, with different cereals and

spices, and a light peppery note.

Over the years, as little Wayan becomes a teenager, master Teo decides to review the recipe to make it more similar to his daughter's “peppery” character. So here comes the addition of different types of pepper that make this beer even fresher and more interesting. A perfect reflection of the young lady who’s given it her name.

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