Beermouth in a great classic


Pale yellow, with amber, almost amber hues. The aromatic profile of Beermouth comes across very clearly, with its pleasant deep, harmonious and elegant notes.

The gently bitter notes blend with fresh hints of citrus zest. The finish is persistent and well balanced, with a pleasant citrus touch which makes the whole very easy to drink.

Alcohol: 6,0 % ABV
Service temperature: 6/8°C

ENERGY NUTRITIONAL VALUE: 175 kcal/100ml - 414,75 Kcal/per can


Recommended after a meal, accompanied by cookies.

The History

The origins of Gin Tonic (by Michele Marzella): Gin tonic is the long drink that comes from the desire to feel good. It was created by English soldiers during their rule in India, when they used to drink a very bitter quinine drink, called Tonic Water, to limit the damage caused by malaria. This drink, which was very different from the pleasant versions we know today, was mixed with gin to make it palatable. 


When Beermouth was being developed, the team  - Teo, Dennis Zoppi and Giacomo Donadio - decided that the final recipe, found after many months of relentless work, had to pass the ultimate test: being the perfect companion for tonic water. 

The result left everyone speechless. Once diluted, at the right serving temperature, Beermouth opened up and transformed. Its deep, intense, complex components came out in all their elegance. At the same time, there was an explosion of fresh notes of citrus zest, which just made you want to take another sip.

A new adventure had begun. There was only one thing missing: the ideal tonic water, which would bring out and emphasize all the aromatic profiles of Beermouth, without covering them. A gentle and extremely elegant tonic water, that would cleverly complement the bouquet.  

A tonic water with its own soul, with the ability to embody the land it comes from and its traditions.

Teo embarked on the mission and created Tonica al Fieno, made with extract of May hay (the first spring cut): its herbaceous notes strike a perfect balance with the bitterness from the quinine.

Beermouth & Tonic can be defined as a twist on classic of Gin & Tonic. But there’s more to it. It’s a combination of knowledge, an exchange, an encounter. It is a product that tells the land it comes from and the desire to experiment of the people who inhabit it. It is a new product supported by the strong shoulders of a timeless giant, a classic, and shows new pathways to follow. New boundaries to cross.

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