A harmony of hops for an all Italian IPA which leaves your mouth clean and satisfied.


This is how we make... India Pale Ale (IPA) all’italiana

A beer with a nice bright amber color and a white head. Distinct citrusy notes of tangerine are complemented by notes of melon and mango. The taste immediately shows that this is a unique interpretation of classic English IPAs: the yeast strain - selected and grown at the brewery - gives it an unequivocally Baladin character.

IPPA is surprisingly easy to drink and leaves your mouth clean and satisfied, thanks to its balanced bitterness and the harmonious use of hops.



Baladin is committed to supporting Italian agricultural products. L’IPPA is made with:

  • Water from the Maritime Alps
  • Barley malt from our fields in Basilicata and Apulia - Italy
  • Hops from our fields in Piozzo and Busca (Piedmont) – Italy
  • Yeast grown at the brewery in Piozzo (Piedmont) - Italy


Water, barley malt, hops, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



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Color (EBC)

Degree of Bitterness (IBU)

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Do you want to find out how to taste a INDIA PALE ALE (IPA) ALL’ITALIANA?

Follow the instructions of the BIERSOMMELIER WORLD CHAMPION!



Teo Musso interprets the India Pale Ale style with 100% Italian ingredients. And he does it his own way, with a personal touch that strays away from his usual reference styles. IPPA is part of the From the Earth to Beer project, created to promote Italian agricultural products.

The four hops (Cascade, Chinook, Comet e Magnum) that define the bouquet of this beer have all been planted and grown in Italy. The particular soil composition gives them peculiar aromatic nuances, which make for a beer with unique scents and tastes. Baladin had never made an IPA before.

It's doing it now, with a beer that does not try to be extreme and speaks Italian.

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