Dedicated to the tradition of Italian Ginger

Ginger Baladin is the result of years of Italian tradition and research. If it is true that the simplest things are the best, then this ginger is truly excellent. Just a few, carefully selected ingredients: water, natural brown sugar, lemon juice, carbon dioxide and the unmistakable infusion of herbs, zests of bitter. We also find some spices and vanilla, which give the drink its distinctive aroma and flavor. Note: it does not contain ginger!


Ginger Baladin is the undisputed king of the aperitif. It can be enjoyed on its own, or mixed with white wine. Given the citrusy notes of the zests, Ginger Baladin is perfect for cocktails with orange juice. Try it with ice, brown sugar on the glass rim and a slice of orange to garnish.

Video ricetta di Casa Baladin

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