Teo’s homage to the world of red wines.

TERRE 2012

This is how we make... Specialty Wood Aged Beer

Terre 2012 has a nice dark amber color with ruby red hues; it is clear and has no head. Its scents are full of wood, cooked fruit and caramel and, later, marzipan and chestnuts. The taste confirms the notes of caramel and cooked fruit, which combine with vague hints of liquor and fruit in syrup in a warm and enveloping body.


Water, barley malt, Nerone rice, hops, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



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TERRE 2012

Beer aged in the barrels of great Italian red wines, developed to pay homage to Enrico, Teo’s father. Cantina Baladin was created to host it. Click here to know more about its story.

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