A perfect balance between malt and the citrusy scent of hops.


This is how we make... Belgian Strong Amber Ale

This is an amber ale with a persistent, light hazelnut colored head. Fruity and warm scents immediately invade the nose, harmoniously blending with the delicate herbaceous and citrusy notes of the hops.


We find them again in the taste, along with the hints of cereals that are perceived with the very first sip. As the first sensations fade, a pleasant and very subtle peppery note emerges.



Baladin is committed to supporting Italian agricultural products. Super Bitter is made with:

  • Water from the Maritime Alps
  • Barley malt from our fields in Basilicata and Apulia - Italy
  • Hops from our fields in Piozzo and Busca (Piedmont) – Italy
  • Yeast grown at the brewery in Piozzo (Piedmont) - Italy

Non-Italian ingredients

  • Hops 0.72% – US


Water, barley malt, hops, sugar, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



Degree Plato

Color (EBC)

Degree of Bitterness (IBU)

Service Temperature

Do you want to find out how to taste a BELGIAN STRONG AMBER ALE?

Follow the instructions of the BIERSOMMELIER WORLD CHAMPION!



2011 - The new year begins with a provocation from Baladin. Faced with the pervasive idea that “the more bitter, the better”, Teo decides to disguise his most representative beer - Super Baladin - as something that seemingly followed that trend. How? By adding American hops using the dry hopping technique.

However, he manages to balance them with the natural sweetness and the malty notes of the original beer. This is the origin of Super Bitter - whose name is more bitter than the actual beer. In fact, in the United States it is curiously sold as Super Floreale, to highlight its overwhelmingly flowery nature, rather than the bitterness.

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