The kit recipe is designed to reproduce the Open Baladin White Beer with the all grain method.The kit contains malt and cereal flakes of the right varieties and in the right quantities, the correct amount of hops for the various steps, the yeast and the right mix of spices to best interpret the Open Baladin White recipe. You will also find a detailed guide with step by step instructions to make your own beer.

The head is thick and creamy. The scent is pleasantly reminiscent of citrus fruits, yeast and wheat. The body is delicate and well balanced, which makes it very easy to drink. The taste is also very fresh and full of aromas of citrus fruits and coriander. The bitterness comes from a balanced use of hops and gentian root, used in a cold infusion.


- Pilsner malt

- Torrified Wheat

- Wheat flakes

- Perle hops

- Mittelfrueh hops

- Amarillo hops

- Sweet orange peel

- Bitter orange peel

- Coriander

- Gentian root

- Safbrew Abbaye

If you don’t have all the necessary equipment to brew your beer at home, visit the website of MR.MALT


An ideal aperitif, great to quench your thirst or to drink with vegetable appetizers, fresh cheese or fish.

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