An American pumpkin ale but as good as an Italian pumpkin cake.


This is how we make... Pumpkin Ale

A beer with a nice, deep yellow-orange color like pumpkin flesh, and a thick, fine and persistent head with orange hues. As the beer becomes warmer, the scents of cereals turn into fruit aromas.


These come from the pumpkin flesh used in the brewing process and from the subtle scents of freshly peeled tangerine. What stayed in background when smelling the beer comes to the forefront once it is sipped: the citrusy notes blend well with the taste of pumpkin and create a freshness that balances out the typical sweetness of pumpkin ales, and of some traditional Italian cakes.


Water, barley malt, pumpkin (17% on the product), spice mix in variable portion, hops, sugar, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



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Zucca was created in 2011 to celebrate the yearly Pumpkin Festival held in Piozzo since 1994. It was initially produced to be served on tap during the days of the festival, and only at the pub on the square of the event.

Given its success, though, it was later bottled for all those who, every year, come to the Piozzo festival and want to take a beer souvenir back home, after leaving the Langhe in Piedmont. Now it is widely appreciated all over the world.

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