Open Project

The History

Open is an innovative project, created and developed by Teo Musso “to shake the world of Italian craft beers. Our Open project, just like the open source approach, is based on sharing” (from “Baladin. La Birra artigianale è tutta colpa di Teo” – Baladin. Craft beer is all Teo’s fault – published by Feltrinelli).

It all began with a beer called Open, launched in 2008 as the first open source Italian beer. Its recipe, with the right quantities for homebrewers, was published and made available to all on our website. The idea was to share a recipe that would raise people’s interest and help to spread the idea of Italian craft beer. The Open concept later led to the opening of special pubs aimed at disseminating the culture of Italian craft beer, in Turin, Rome and Cuneo. They all offer a very wide range of carefully selected craft and bottled beers.



Our Recipes

Beer is for everyone: that's how the Open idea began. It was meant to be a project devoted to spreading the excellence of Italian craft beer for everybody. We have decided to share all the recipes of our Open beers to give all homebrewers the chance to create our products at home. Discover all the ingredients and get to work!

Open Evolving: Send us your recipe

Open is continuously evolving. We would like Open to be the opportunity to keep in contact with the many homebrewers in the world, to get to know them and their experiences, discover the typical spices of a certain country, a new malt that has never been used before... In other words, to grow and improve together.

To this purpose, we invite you to send us your recipe, using our Open basic recipe as the starting point. Palli and Teo, our master brewers, will look at them.

Some will be replicated with homebrewing equipment and, who knows, maybe one of your productions may one day become the new Open Baladin! If this is the case, we will invite you to our brewery to make it together.

We will produce a certain amount to be served on tap in our pubs, as well as a batch of bottles with a dedicated label with the name of the homebrewer who has contributed to the recipe.

Are you up for it?

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