Lightness, with heaps of taste and personality.


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With its hay-yellow, bright color, this beer has a fine, white, rather persistent head. Its perfectly balanced scents -which combine herbaceous, slightly flowery notes, and citrusy aromas (with a very subtle hint of bread crust) - invite you to take a nice, long sip.

The taste is just as light, thanks also to the low alcohol content. The gentle tones of hops and the even more subtle touches of cereals are complemented by citrusy and flowery notes. A drinkable, clean and fresh beer with a light body, perfect for long and satisfying sips.


Water, barley malt, hops, mix of citrus zest in variable proportions, yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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Baladin 4.8 comes from the evolution of several products, searching for a light beer with a strong, distinctive character.

Teo has chosen an important name to symbolize a set of characteristics of the Baladin approach. It is a 100% Italian beer: it is part of the From the Earth to Beer project, launched to give emphasis to the Italian agricultural sector that supplies all the ingredients used in the recipe. Baladin 4.8 has been created to be paired with food, but it is perfect on its own too. It perfectly balances the cereals, hops and spices - a signature trait of Teo's products.

The yeast gives it a distinct aromatic profile, which is immediately associated to the beers from Piozzo. Baladin 4.8 speaks of the earth through the scents of the Mediterranean on a warm spring day. It is full of delicate aromatic notes that, to Teo Musso, are the essence of Italy.

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