Nazionale, the first 100% Italian beer.


This is how we make... Blonde Ale

This beer has a deep yellow color, a very subtle hazy appearance and a white, fine, persistent head. Its delicate scents are a perfect example of balance between the fruity, herbaceous and malty components, and give it a light aroma that invites you to drink.

A sip of Nazionale reveals a little masterpiece of connections between individual tastes. Its notes of chamomile and citrus fruits, balanced out by the gentle bitterness of Italian hops - grown and harvested on Baladin’s own hop fields - make it simply complex. A clean beer that is easy to drink and will satisfy those who want to drink well, with no compromise.


Water, malt of barley from our fields, Italian hops, mix of spices and citrus zest in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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September 2011: the birthdate of Nazionale, the first 100% Italian craft beer, made with the barley malt produced in Melfi, hops from Cussanio (planted in 2008 in partnership with Tecnogranda and Cussano agricultural college), coriander, orange peel, and the yeast selected by Baladin in Italy. It is certainly a milestone in an important project that, over the years, sees Baladin striving for 100% Italianness.

The effort involves searching for ingredients from all over Italy, with the commitment to create close ties with suppliers from many Italian regions in order to involve them in the process of transformation of their raw materials. In January 2012, Baladin has become farm brewery with one mission: supporting short-chain from the Earth to the glass.

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