The beer glass

Glasses, goblets, “cups” or other containers to drink beer have always existed, in hundreds of different shapes, sizes and types. But to really be able to have an “expert” opinion on a beer, even if you are just a beginner connoisseur, it is fundamental to have a glass that meets specific requirements. That’s why, after tasting dozens of beers – from the most famous lagers to the great Abbey beers – in dozens of different containers, our Teo, the most eclectic Italian brewer, and the legendary Kuaska (Lorenzo Dabove), the top Italian beer expert, have designed the shape of the “universal beer glass”.


TeKu™ is the rather straightforward acronym of Teo and Kuaska. Manufactured by our friends at “Rastal” – an industry-leading company – and produced in Italy, TeKu™ is considered THE official Italian glass to taste beers, enthusiastically received abroad by important craft breweries. Its particular shape enhances their aromas and tastes and is therefore a valuable companion for brewers, beer tasters, or simply beer lovers. From 2014 alongside the TEKU™, with capacity 42,5cl (14,2 US fl.oz) was introduced the "Mini-TEKU™" with similar functional characteristics and design but with smaller dimensions and with capacity of 33cl (11,2 US fl.oz).  


With all our Baladin beers, of course!

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