It strikes with its delicate sweetness and the balance between the notes of honey, fruit, and flowers,


This is how we make... Honey Beer

A beer with bright copper hues, a slight, homogeneous hazy appearance and with a moderate cream colored head. It immediately releases scents of honey and a subtle aroma of yellow fruit, and then closes with notes of biscuits and delicate balsamic hints.

When sipped, it strikes with its delicate sweetness and

the balance between the notes of honey - which are there, but are not cloying - fruit and flowers, ranging from mature apricots to chamomile blossoms.


Water, barley malt, heather honey and honeydew in variable proportions, hops, sugar, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



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Teo had been thinking about brewing a beer with honey for some time. In fall 2006, he decided to follow his idea, thanks also to his friendship with Andrea Paternoster from Mieli Thun, who would provide the wonderful ingredient for his first tests.

After a few attempts, Teo goes for heather honey: this is the birth of the first honey ale by Baladin, called Erika - heather in Italian. The name would later be changed into the more evocative Mielika (from the Italian word for honey: miele), which lets people immediately understand the most important characteristic of the product.

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