Scents of black cherry and cherry with its distinctive deep red color.


This is how we make... Fruit Beer

Ruby-colored with amber hues and a fine and rosy head with a delicate persistence, this beer has scents of black cherries and cherries which almost become winy. These notes are confirmed when you taste it, when the fruity component becomes overwhelming.

The hints of black cherries are accompanied by those of bitter almonds. The light body and the gentle acidity create the perfect conditions to continuously feel like taking another sip.


Water, barley malt, wheat malt, wheat, spelt, rye, buckwheat, hops, cherry pulp (19.5% on the product), mix of spices, peel of citrus fruit and aromatic herbs in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



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In 2005, motivated by the desire to pay homage to Belgian kriek beers, Teo wonders about the possibility to make a beer with the typical griotta cherries from around Piozzo. The experiment begins with the involvement of Mamma Maria, Teo’s mother. They are the one who remove

the pits from the first few kilos of cherries that Maria will then boil in in a large pot in the courtyard.

This is the key ingredient for the beer that Teo will dedicate to her with the name Mama Kriek, made using Wayan as a basis, and the addition of griotta cherries. The label, as a sign of love and gratitude, still shows Teo’s mother while she is cooking these wonderful cherries for the first time.

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