A really "zen" drink

With his soft drinks, such as Cola, Teo has managed to refine and modernize “good old” tastes, interpreting them in a very innovative way, as he has done with Cola. But it is Mela Zen that truly marks the beginning of pure experimentation. It is produced in small quantities with the clear intention to get in contact with those who drink it and create a new taste together. The recipe contains apples and ginger, two excellent agricultural products. Fresh, tasty, intriguing… Let’s discover it together!


MelaZen is such a peculiar drink that it can be enjoyed on its own at all times of the day. Do want to serve it in a special way? Take an apple, cut the top part and keep it aside: it will be your lid. Remove the flesh (you can use it to make some jam!) and leave the apple in freezer for 12 hours. Pour MelaZen in the emptied apple: it will stay fresh for a very long time and, once you’ve finished, you can eat a healthy snack!

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