Beer, Earth, Energy, Ideas

Who follows Baladin knows that Teo Musso wants to share a common philosophy through his beers. There are four main themes on which this path develops: Beer, Earth, Energy, and Ideas.

For Teo Musso, beer is passion, an intense love for taste and certainly a form of expression. Through his recipes, he has communicated special moments in his life, sides of his being and his constant search for the perfect sensory balance. Isaac and Wayan tell of the birth of his children, while Nora tells a love story and memories of spices discovered in his journeys through Morocco. The more recent Nazionale expresses the commitment to working in direct contact with the Earth and the desire to be Italian.


Glasses, goblets, “cups” or other containers to drink beer have always existed, in hundreds of different shapes, sizes and types.
But to really be able to have an “expert” opinion on a beer, even if you are just a beginner connoisseur, it is fundamental to have a glass that meets specific requirements. That’s why, after tasting dozens of beers – from the most famous lagers to the great Abbey beers – in dozens of different containers, our  Teo, the most eclectic Italian brewer, and the legendary Kuaska (Lorenzo Dabove), the top Italian beer expert, have designed the shape of the “universal beer glass”. At the dawn of 2006, “TeKu™” was created. Its name is the rather straightforward acronym of Teo and Kuaska. 

Manufactured by our friends at “Rastal” – an industry-leading company – TeKu™ is considered THE official Italian glass to taste beers, enthusiastically received abroad by important craft breweries.
Its particular shape enhances their aromas and tastes and is therefore a valuable companion for brewers, beer tasters, or simply beer lovers. 

From 2014 alongside the TEKU™, with capacity 42,5cl (14,2 US fl.oz) was introduced the "Mini-TEKU™" with similar functional characteristics and design but with smaller dimensions and with capacity of 33cl (11,2 US fl.oz). Teku and mini-TEKU™ are produced in crystal glass, to ensure brilliance and lightness.

The peculiar cup shape and thin stem enhance its elegance. The 2016 version has some interesting additions like vertical the ‘TEKU™’ engraving on the base. Furthermore, now the TEKU™ are produced in Italy to increase the ties with the origins of its idea. In the last few years we have witnessed several attempts at copying our glass but the overwhelming request from the whole world for TEKU™ 3.0 “The Original” answers without any doubts any imitation attempt. The important “European beer Star” competition uses TEKU™ as their tasting glass for its international Jury.

Social Commitment

Social engagement is an ethical attitude. Baladin is committed to supporting a wide range of projects. In particular, two of them are the ones who involve Teo the most: the music school - with the initiative Una Nota in Più - and 10,000 Gardens in Africa: A Slow Food Project. 

Beer Culture

Creating a culture of craft beer is a key part of the Baladin philosophy. We continue to do it with meetings, events, lessons to you students, at our premises or hosted by others. In 2018, a new ambitious project began: the Baladin School.

The Baladin School took its first steps thanks to a new master brewer joining our staff: Stefano Bertoli, former assistant of professor Stefano Buiatti, who teaches Beer Technology at the University of Udine.

Initially, the school is targeted at professionals in the distribution sector. Soon, and after gathering some experience, the intention is to open its doors to all craft beer lovers. The course is not a tale of the Baladin experience. Its goal is to create a more general culture on beer. This is done through different lines of study, including general notions on the market, history, ingredients and production process of beer. The course also includes elements of tasting, the analysis of typical flaws and the detailed technical and sensory study of one beer style.

Why Cork?

The bottles of the six Baladin classic beers (Isaac, Wayan, Nora, Super, Leön and Elixir) and the Riserva Teo Musso range (Xyauyù, Terre and Lune) are sealed with a cork. Why? There are three main reasons: cork is sustainable, as it is a natural, easily recyclable material; we want our beers to be in contact with a natural material, when possible; and we want those who serve our beers to rediscover and enjoy the pleasure of uncorking a bottle.


“From the Earth, with our Hands” is our motto. This is why we take care of our planet by choosing sustainable solutions to reduce waste at all stages of the production process of Baladin beers. From wind to solar energy, to recycling brewers grains and treating waste waters: this is how we work.

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