The first 100% Italian gluten-free beer.


This is how we make... Blonde Ale

Even in its gluten-free version, Nazionale Gluten Free has a deep yellow color, with a very subtle hazy appearance and a white, fine, persistent head. The scents, too, are equally delicate. We find the same balance between the fruity, herbaceous and malty components and an unchanged lightness.

Only when sipped, Nazionale Gluten Free shows a few minor differences in the interplay between individual tastes, due to the addition of rice - used to reduce the gluten component - which adds a dry note to the chamomile.

The result is a fine balance with the moderate bitterness of Italian hops, harvested in our own fields and grown directly by Birrificio Baladin. A clean beer that is easy to drink and will satisfy those who want to drink well.


Water, malt of barley from our fields, Carnaroli rice by Cascina Belvedere, Italian hops, mix of spices and citrus zest in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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Nazionale Gluten Free stems from the need to make a good, tasty beer for those who, because of health issues, cannot normally drink it.

The already naturally low gluten content of Nazionale was perfect to start an accurate research activity to come up with a controlled, certified gluten free version. It is with great joy that Baladin's hard work has produced a beer that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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