Open Baladin Roma

Open Baladin Roma serves over 100 bottled beers from the best Italian brewers, but that's not all! 40… yes, FORTY draft Italian beers representing, in just one place, the best that Italian craft brewers have to offer. Plus a selection of international beers.


The Open Baladin in Rome has a more ambitious menu, with delicious daily specials as well as tantalizing snacks, such as the legendary fatate - freshly made potato chips flavored with unique aromas, from licorice to garlic, pecorino cheese or sweet paprika - our scrocchette, flavorsome sandwiches created by Gabriele Bonci, or the luxurious desserts that will seduce anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth.


The magic atmosphere of Open Baladin, combined with the magic of Rome, is just too charming to miss.


The History

Officially opened on September 23rd, 2009 in the very central Via degli Specchi in the Campo dei Fiori neighborhood, Open Baladin Roma is the forefather of the Open Baladin project. It is called Open because it is a place for the free movement of people, beers, ideas and creativity.

To emphasize its being open to both Italian and foreign beers, the bar at Open Baladin Roma is placed in front of a large wall, decorated with hundreds of bottles of beer. The red walls and the ivory tables create a warm contrast which, together with the Bailone style decorated panels, make this a perfect Baladin place.

Opening hours: