Beer Distillate

The color is a bright straw yellow; the scents reveal the warming alcohol content and a distinctive smoothness. The taste confirms this smooth character and is supported by gentle notes of wood and faint, but distinctive hints of chocolate.


A 2011 distilled beer, left to age in oak barrels until its spirit found the perfect harmony with the aromas of the barrels it was kept in. A little treat for passionate drinkers who love taste and elegance.



Alcohol: 40%

Service temperature: 10/12°C


Sit in a quiet place, take a TEKU, stop for a moment to look at this beer spirit and its light color, and appreciate each and every scent coming out of the glass: this is the best way to enjoy Esprit Baladin. Serve it to your guests at the end of a meal to finish the evening with a touch of class.

Video ricetta di Casa Baladin

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