The kit recipe is designed for the All Grain production of 20 l of Open Baladin Amber, a beer that combines the features of caramel malts and the aromas of American hops.

The result is an explosion of well-balanced taste, where the biscuity flavor of cereals stands out, accompanied by hints of nuts balanced out by bitter notes, the aromatic scents of hops and orange zests from Calabria. It has a good yet not excessive body to ensure it is easy to drink. The head is thick and creamy.
The kit contains the malt grains of the right variety and in the required quantity, the correct amounts of hops for the various stages, the yeast and, if needed, special ingredients such as sugars and spices. You will also find a detailed recipe with step by step instructions to make your own beer.


- Pilsner malt

- Amber Aromatic malt

- Crystal malt

- Magnum hops

- Hersbrucker hops

- Cascade hops

- Amarillo hops

- Lemon peel

- Bergamot peel

- Sweet orange peel

- Bitter orange peel

If you don’t have all the necessary equipment to brew your beer at home, visit the website of MR.MALT


It goes well with meat, especially roasted and stewed, as well as grilled. You can also try it with mature cheese, especially those with a “chalky” texture.

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