Its enveloping warmth embraces everyone with scents of nuts. The first Baladin’s bottled beer.


This is how we make... Belgian Strong Amber Ale

Super is an amber beer with a fine, light hazelnut colored and persistent head. The scent immediately reveals a nice complexity: fruity and warm notes, such as cooked plums or apples, are complemented by hints of vanilla, toffee, almonds and a delicate touch of orange.


The taste confirms all the promises perceived by the nose, with the addition of notes of biscuits, almonds, nuts and a subtle spicy finish with licorice.


Water, barley malt, hops, sugar, yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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February 1997: the year marks the creation of Super, the first bottled beer of the newborn Birrificio Baladin, at the time still a brewpub. Over the years, Super becomes a cornerstone of the Baladin’s production and the most beloved beer by the patrons of the pub in Piozzo, closely followed by ISAAC (created only six months later).

Since its launch, Super has been appreciated for its versatility. Thanks to its malty notes and the structure of its body, you can sip it while eating either dishes like red meat, pot roast, mature cheese or cream-based desserts (colored food as Teo likes to say). Because of its full and robust taste - in some ways sweet and with noticeable alcohol content - Super has changed the Italian way of drinking beer (we were used to drinking mostly lager beers).

Super Baladin certainly owes a lot to the intrinsic appeal of its name, which evokes something strong and tasty. Curiously, it is widely used in Belgian beer-making. It’s not by chance that Teo chooses it. It is a way to define it as a refined, Belgian-style beer.

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