Our 100% Italian beer containing fresh hops of 2020’s harvest with fruity and herbaceous nuances


This is how we make... Blonde Ale

A bright yellow beer with a fine and persistent white head.

The light fruity scent, accompanied by herbaceous notes and cereals nuances, makes this version even fresher than the original.

When sipped, the use of 3 varieties of fresh hop flowers from our Piedmontese fields in Italy enriches the aromatic bouquet. At first the fruity flavours blends with the distinctive, fresh and pleasant herbaceous and bitter note, then complemented by a delicate aftertaste that brings out all the ingredients and, by contrast, makes the taste of the barley malt stand out even more. Despite being less dry than the original Nazionale, it is still amazingly fresh.

Only 3,000 cans of Nazionale fresh hops, 2020 edition - will be produced to allow a quick consumption, that will let you enjoy the beer in all its freshness.


Water, malt of barley from our fields, Italian hops, mix of spices and citrus zest in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



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Every fall, a special edition of Nazionale is brewed once to celebrate the new hops, used while they are still extremely fresh. Harvested at the end of summer in the fields in Piozzo, just a few hundred meters from the brewery, the fresh hops are processed and used just a few days later.

Every year, all the staff excitedly awaits Nazionale Luppolo Fresco, which pays back for the hard work that began in the fields and continued in the brewery. It is only available in casks, as it should be drunk when it’s fresh to fully enjoy its bouquet. To allow everyone to taste it, 3.000 cans were produced in limited series. We know they will soon run out but - as we said - it’s a beer that should be drunk fresh!

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