Chef Meloni Delrio cooks beer shank using Brune

Christian Meloni Delrio is the executive chef at our Open Garden, the Baladin Brewery restaurant here in Piozzo.

To tell you about beer-braised pork shank, a great dish of the Mitteleuropean tradition, the haute cuisine magazine Italia Squisita came to visit us at the Baladin Brewery. Together with Teo Musso and chef Christian Meloni Delrio, we want to take you on a discovery of a recipe served for more than 25 years at our historic craft brewery.

Long cooking, high-quality ingredients, generous seasonings, mouthwatering side dishes, and of course a great stout beer as the original German recipe teaches us. For this recipe, we used Brune, our stout with a dark brown color and roasted notes reminiscent of coffee and cocoa bean. For an ideal pairing, opt for Soraya!

Are you ready to replicate this recipe? To make it at home, you can replace Brune with Leon, on sale in our e-shop. Here is the Brune beer pork shank video-recipe with Italian chefs and beer.


Do you want to know more about the tastes and the history of our Brune?

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