Baladin Open Garden gets the “Tre Boccali” award from Gambero Rosso

The Gambero Rosso “Guida ai Ristoranti d’Italia” (the Italian Restaurant Guide) is one of the most authoritative publications in the Italian gastronomy.

The story begins in 1986, the year of our Le Baladin pub foundation. The magazine Gambero Rosso, which is specialized in food and wine, decides to publish a guide to help people discover the best restaurants in Italy.

An entire team of food critics and journalists visit thousands of restaurants across the country, tasting food and drink, in order to evaluate the overall experience.

Restaurants gets scores according to the quality of the food, service and general atmosphere. Every year, the guide publishes a list of the most exceptional restaurants in Italy, giving them the prestigious Three Forks (only for the best).

Likewise it is done for the breweries that are awarded with the "Tre Boccali" prize.

The Baladin Open Garden confirms this important award in 2024, thanks to the precious work of our chef Christian Meloni Delrio, who combines and mixes gourmet food with the classics and traditional brewery cuisine. Obviously by pairing them with the alive beers of Baladin.

A very special thanks to Christian, Daniela, Nora and their amazing staff!