A Christmas beer with the precious Criollo cocoa, Chuao variety, by Domori


This is how we make... Winter Seasonal Beer

A dark brown beer, reminiscent of a monk’s tunic, it has a thick and persistent head. Scents of chocolate blend with gentle roasted and nutty notes released by the cereals used in the recipe.

The skillful use of Criollo cocoa by Domori, in its rare, refined and aromatic Chuao variety, characterizes Nöel Chocolat from the very first sip, and bring out pleasant and warm chocolate notes. These are perfectly counterbalanced by hints of roasted cereals, which evoke the taste of nuts. The bitter note of hops leaves a balanced bitter-sweet aftertaste, which satisfies the palate at every sip.

We thank chocolate master Gianluca Franzoni for roasting the beans of this valuable and ancient cocoa, making our Christmas beer truly unique.


Water, malt of barley from our fields, oat malt, wheat malt, nibs of Criollo Chuao cocoa by Domori (1,2%), roasted barley malts, sugar, hops, dark chocolate (cocoa, natural brown sugar), yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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The encounter between Gianluca Franzoni and Teo Musso is undoubtedly the meeting of two visionaries: two masters in the creation of unique sensory experiences and passionate explorers of tastes and scents. Gianluca, an expert cocoa selector, is a self-proclaimed hidalgo - an historical noble knight - who selects and rescues cocoa with the intention of developing a culture of this ancient product of the earth.

His experience begins in Venezuela, where he explores cocoa plantations in search of the most aromatic varieties, often discarded for their complex cultivation and limited yield, but which offer the best aroma and do not need high quantities of sugar to feel sweet.

Gianluca founds Domori more or less when Teo opens his brewery. Naturally talented in the perception of aromas and scents, they share the desire to experiment and create strong but well-balanced sensations for those who try their products. They both understand the importance of investing time and energy to create a culture around their products and have never stopped doing so, meeting people, telling their story and the story of their creations.

They are both very well aware of the importance of following all ingredients from the field to the lab, and recognize the value of controlling the agricultural production chain. It therefore came naturally to them to try and combine their experiences to marry cocoa and beer. Gianluca has chosen his cocoa and has processed it. Teo has respectfully included it in the beer that would most enhance its organoleptic features. Choosing the Criollo cocoa, in its ancient and rare Chuao variety, has been the greatest show of friendship.

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