Baladin Open Garden is back! Opening party on june 1st starting from 7pm


On Saturday, June 1st at 7pm, BALADIN OPEN GARDEN opens again


Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm to 1am and Sunday from 11am to midnight, until September 8


Many new initiatives enrich the 2019 offering of the beer park in Piozzo... we are all set to be even more successful than last year. The park opens its doors to the many people who love to spend time together eating good food, drinking craft beer and enjoying the many activities that we have in store for a great Estate Nel Garden (Baladin-style summer at the Garden).


This year, visitors can fully appreciate the experience at the park by spending the night in one of five “agro-nests” on the hill, next to the farmhouse. This has been made possible thanks to the cooperation with Fabio Revetria and Lara Sappa, creators of StarsBOX.


Guests who stay over the night can enjoy their breakfast at Casa Baladin, which they can reach with electric bicycles provided by Repower. Baladin has been partnering with them for many years to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources. 


Baladin Open Garden is now plastic free: water is available on tap and - just as beer and soft drinks - poured in biodegradable glasses. Food is served with compostable plates and cutlery.


To relieve you from the summer heat, a cube shaped dispenser of scented water will refresh adults and entertain children.


We are continuing to expand our structures to host cultural initiatives. A wood oven, equipped with a handmade stone mill, will be used to grind ancient grains and obtain the wholemeal flour for our bread loaves, which are available for sale. A coffee and chocolate lab is also located in the same area.






  • Summer is back, and so is the draft beer dedicated to the hot season: SORAYA.
  • FREE CELEBRATION CAN - Soraya special edition - FOR ALL while stocks last.
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC SET to receive a souvenir photo by e-mail.
  • At 10pm... a joyful surprise.



A great choice of Baladin live beers with 16 taps, a food menu (vegetarian options included) that will change throughout the summer, and tasty Roman-style pizza.


For mixology lovers, a bartender will come up with new beer cocktails every night, and let you taste the special products from Cantina Baladin. On Friday nights, a DJ set will rock the bar area.


A new program of 70 gastronomic events, accompanied by live entertainment: never a dull moment at the SUMMER AT THE GARDEN!




Every evening will revolve around one topic to meet all the passions of the many friends of the beer from Piozzo. Don’t miss the great food&circus events, organized in cooperation with the Mirabilia festival on June 21 and July 3, and Circondata on July 10. On July 12-14, the “Baladin beer Fest” will be a great celebration of beer. All the beers from Piozzo will be available, including the special reserves aged in wooden barrels. On Sunday, the national competition for homebrewers “The Clone War” - now at its 18th edition - stops in Piozzo with an open brew day. On July 16-21, six fun nights with food, beer and entertainment with the circus show by Kai Leclerc. On August 15 we will party together! Food is provided by the Baladin staff and, at night, the Lou Tapage will make us dance with their Occitan music. On August 25, picnic in the hops field during the harvest festival. June 5, July 24 and 31 are dedicated to the performances by the FLIC circus school in Turin.


On Sundays, we open in the morning! Start with a visit at the brewery (advance booking is required), then try one of the workshops at the Rac-contadino market, accompanied by Baladin beers. If you wish, you can shop at the market and, upon prior reservation, cook your products (meat included) on the braziers provided for free. Throughout the day, kids can play in the park and participate in the many fun activities organized by specialized staff. On the first Sunday of the month, bread making classes for grown-ups and children.


Here’s one of our “typical” weeks:

Tuesday: Cinema & Easy food. A big open-air screen with a selection of movies combined with a special dish that changes every time.

Wednesday: Show time! Food and beer with live music and circus shows.

Thursday: Italian street food. Tantalizing dishes to enjoy the way you like them.

Friday: DJ set & cocktail bar. DJ Bubu, La Femme DJ and Tealdi Fat Sound take turns at the console.

Saturday: Roman-style pizza by pizza maker Alessio Borelli and the constantly changing toppings by Christian Meloni Delrio, chef at Casa Baladin. POP cans served (in glass) during the evening.

Sunday: guided tours, the Rac-contadino farmers’ market with tasting workshops, chocolate lab and bread making class (first Sunday of the month); activities for children and, starting from 7pm, “scrocchiarella” crispy pizza for all.


Keep up to date with our program of guests and events on


We look forward to seeing you at our Garden - a special place to share and explore the tight connection between the Earth, its fruits and live beer!





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