Nöel Chocolat: Baladin’s craft beer for Christmas 2019



Christmas beer generally represents a tempting opportunity for every master-brewer to express his creativity.

This happens because Christmas beers are not identified in a precise brewing style, despite being of centuries-old tradition, even if they are considered winter beers and normally consumed during Christmas holidays.

Each country and each master-brewer express themselves by making basically high alcoholic beers, which are often characterized by the use of spices that frequently remember Christmas holidays such as cinnamon, ginger, cocoa or chocolate, orange peels, to list a few.

Baladin and Teo welcome this as an invitation to creativity.

Short history of Baladin Christmas beers

The first Nöel (this is the name of Christmas Baladin beers) was born in 1998. It was a pure malt, so it didn’t use particular spices, inspired by a great Belgian beer, the Chimay Blu.

It was immediately beloved and requested throughout the whole year, that Teo decided to change its name by anagrams of the original name and turning it into Leön.

Hence the decision to create a Christmas beer starting from this base, but characterized by the use of a particular spice, with the ambition to create a unique aromatic nuance by changing cyclically the recipe.

Therefore, Nöel Chocolat were born in three different variety; than Nöel Cafè - a fine selections by the maestro Leonardo Lelli and Terre Alte, Slow Food Presidium, of Caffè Vergnano; Nöel Liquorice and the rarity Nöel Perbacco, pioneer of the Italian Grape Ale, produced with Dolcetto grape wort.

Nöel Chocolat is the stylistic interpretation by Teo Musso for Christmas 2019

Born for Christmas 2019, the new edition of Nöel Chocolat uses a rare cocoa, characterized by a great aroma.

This is Criollo: an ancient and rare Chuao variety, coming from the agricultural supply chain of the Domori company.

All this thanks to the friendship between Teo and Gianluca Franzoni, legendary cacao selector and popularizer of this ancient and noble product of the Earth.

Nöel Chocolat is characterized by the involving and well-balanced chocolate notes, roasted malt and dried fruits.

Excellent on its own, but we recommend it pairing with a good panettone; maybe one made with beer; or why not, one of the three made by Baladin.

To discover all the nuances of Nöel Chocolat and to read the complete history, click on the button.


Discover Nöel Chocolat 2019!


A few words about Christmas beers culture, not only Baladin!

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Here's how the World champion biersommelier Simonmattia Riva describes Nöel Chocolat bouquet, saying that “It has a singular and charming double personality: the expected warm tones ... are in contrast by a surprising refreshing part".

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