From the Earth to Beer – the book

Dalla Terra alla Birra (From the Earth to Beer) - free thoughts for dreamers and lovers of hops.

Published by Gribaudo, one of the most important Italian publishing houses and authored with journalist Laura Pranzetti Lombardini, the books answers the questions of those who want to know more about craft beer.

Teo Musso’s words tell the birth of the craft beer movement in Italy, the philosophy behind his thinking and the central value he gives to the agricultural supply chain because, as he says: “Beer is Earth!”.

The text also contains some insights and considerations of the creator of the Baladin brewery on his life and his journey as a brewer. The reading is enriched by accounts of people who have accompanied Teo Musso in his personal growth and professional adventure, who describe his eclectic personality in their personal, unique way. Beer is just another way to talk about the earth, friendship, passion, persistence, vocation. Values that have always distinguished the Baladin approach.

Dalla Terra Alla Birra is currently available in Italian only and is sold in Italy.