Summer in the Garden 2019


On Friday, June 1 at 7pm, BALADIN OPEN GARDEN opens again.   Many new initiatives enrich summer 2019 offering of the beer park in Piozzo.


Every evening will revolve around one topic to meet all the passions of the many friends of the beer from Piozzo. Don’t miss the great food&circus or food&music events.


Here’s one of our “typical” weeks:

Tuesday: Cinema & Easy food. A big open-air screen with a selection of movies combined with a special dish that changes every time.

Wednesday: Show time! Food and beer with live music and circus shows.

Thursday: Italian street food. Tantalizing dishes to enjoy the way you like them.

Friday: DJ set & cocktail bar.

Saturday: Roman-style pizza by pizza maker Alessio Borelli and the constantly changing toppings by Christian Meloni Delrio, chef at Casa Baladin.

Sunday: guided tours, the Rac-contadino farmers’ market with tasting workshops, chocolate lab and bread making class (first Sunday of the month); activities for children and, starting from 7pm, “scrocchiarella” crispy pizza for all.



Thursday, 5th September: ITALIAN STREET FOOD – Gnocchi al castelmagno and honey with special guest La Meiro and Mieli Amel

Friday, 6th September: DJ SET & COCKTAIL AREA – LA FEMME DJ

Saturday, 7th September: Let's look all together the stars. Special guest at Baladin Open Garden: Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon, stars and constellations.


Guided tours (reservation at

Entertainment for children from 11am to 6pm

The Rac-contadino farmers’ market with tasting workshops at 2.30pm:

“The fantastic 4: cheese and fruits, nasci and trout” by farmer companies “Azienda al Santuario Tortalla”, “Il Girasole”, “Agritrutta” e “Azienda frutticola Romanisio”

“Scrocchiarella” crispy pizza for all starting from 7pm