Baladin, the story of a name and a friendship

Summer 1984: young Teo and his partner Michelle go to some circus shows staged in the small square of Piozzo. Those evenings will change their lives forever, marking the beginning of a long friendship and laying the foundation for what will become Teo's life project.

Le Cirque Bidon, founded in 1976 thanks to François Rauline (known as François Bidon), creates shows between art and poetry. It captivates audiences with its slow philosophy, dictated by the rhythms of the horses that carry the wagons of the travelling performers. The colorful carriages, which become the circus backstage, make children dream of a fantastic world full of fantasy, colors and smiles.

Teo was very impressed by the way this simple show created so much excitement among the people of Piozzo. Over the years, he confessed that, from that moment on, he began to think about how he, too, could come up with something that would bring life to his village.

In the winter of 1985 the circus returned to Piedmont, just as Teo and Michelle were busy renovating the pub that would help give birth to the Italian craft beer movement. Their friend François offered to help these two young people without a lot of money, but with great ideas. In early 1986, before he left again, he proposed to call the pub "Le Baladin": the storyteller.

The rest is history... and you can relive it every night from May 16-21 at Baladin Open Garden in Piozzo, with 7 shows created under the great last artistic direction of friend François Bidon.

But that's not all: the new show will be developed and produced here in Piozzo! And from Sunday, April 16, you can attend its rehearsals free of charge (indicatively from 10 am to 12 noon, 3 pm to 7 pm and 9 pm to 11 pm).

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