The spicy note that will make you fall in love


Tonica Paprika is a special version in the Baladin range of tonic waters. 

Its spicy notes and lobster color make it a unique experience for the eyes and the palate.

The taste is a pleasant surprise, with a combination of flavors that can be typically found in paprika.

The classic bitterness of quinine is complemented by an enveloping hint of saffron and tomato peel. The “journey” ends with the fresh and spicy note of chili pepper.


Plenty of room for the imagination of mixologists! It can also be enjoyed with pizza or pasta with tomato sauce (maybe in a gin tonic) or, as we like it, just sip it while reading comics. Which one? Sweet Paprika, of course!

The History

Tonica Paprika was created during a dinner with friends. We’re all on the same wavelength, there's enthusiasm in the air. We talk about new projects and the future. At the table, with Teo, sit the brilliant cartoonist Mirka Andolfo and the Star Comics trio: Claudia and Simone Bovini and Davide G.G. Caci. 

Star Days - the event organized by the comic book publisher Star Comics that attracted thousands of fans - has just ended. We are toasting with a limited edition of our National beer, made for the occasion. The label shows the profile of beautiful Astrid, a character drawn by the superstar of international comics: Mirka Andolfo.

The author is already working on her new project: Sweet Paprika. A name that immediately triggers Teo’s curiosity.

“Paprika is a little devil. She’s beautiful and flirtatious. She works as an editor in New York and she’s a real boss-lady”, they tell us. “But when it comes to love, she’s a disaster. One day, a handsome delivery boy with angelic features comes into her life. He will teach her all the secrets of love…”  Mirka's fans have discovered the world of Sweet Paprika through the sketches that the author publishes on her social media and have immediately fallen in love with her.

It’s a romantic sexy comedy where, as it always happens in Mirka’s stories, stereotypes are twisted and turned upside down.

The anticipation of readers is through the roof.  Then Teo says: “Let’s make a drink for her!”.

The obvious choice is a tonic water. It offers endless possibilities and Teo immediately starts to experiment, searching for the right mix. It shall be fresh and spicy, he says. Like Mirka’s drawings.

That night, a new adventure shared by Baladin and Star Comics begins.

The launch of Tonica Paprika is agreed in conjunction with the release of the first volume of the comic book, on May 19, 2021. For the first time - thanks to the trust of the Star Shop distributor - Baladin enters comic shops with a unique product.

Mirka Andolfo has created a new, fantastic illustration for the label and, in cooperation with the Baladin graphic artists, is taking care of all the (many) details to create the right alignment between the editorial project and the drink. Are you ready to read the adventures of this sexy devil while enjoying an incredible spicy tonic water?

Find out more about this project and its author!

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Star Comics

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