A new interpretation, a spore, as Marlene Kuntz would say.


This is how we make... American Pale Ale

Rock’n’Roll Karma Clima has a deep yellow, slightly hazy color and a delicate white head. The scents present the distinctive characteristics of this special edition with its brand new recipe: fresh pepper and hints of grains blend perfectly with a touch of yellow-flesh fruit.

The sip echoes the same aromas with a satisfying taste of grains and a touch of freshness that comes from the pepper, complemented by the aromatic bitterness of the hops and a pleasant touch of ripe melon, a distinctive feature of the Baladin yeast.


Water, barley malt, hops, spices in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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Marlene Kuntz Karma Clima is a special edition of Rock'n'Roll. It is the natural outcome of the cooperation started with the Cuneo-based rock band during their artist residence in Piozzo, where they recorded the tracks for the new album (due out in September 2022). The project is a rallying cry to raise awareness on environmental sustainability. In an open letter written at the end of the residency, Cristiano Godano writes: “… The urgency of the climate emergency forces people of good sense to at least reflect on it. It can no longer be avoided, nor postponed. As artists, we can create work that, at the very least, does not ignore this reflection, nor, even more importantly, the climate emergency." Baladin has always cared for the Earth and it embraces this ambitious artistic project with enthusiasm. Our brewery is enjoying a wonderful experience of shared views, exchange and collaboration with two other extraordinary artist residencies: Ostana e Paraloup, with whom we share a genuine friendship and common vision. Going back to our beer: for this unprecedented version, Teo has changed the original recipe, replacing the original yeast with the Baladin yeast grown at the brewery. The experiment aims at making one of our iconic beers even more unique.

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