Piozzo is the heart of the Baladin world. The entire life of Teo Musso’s project and thought revolves around this small village overlooking the Langhe region. The most recent data indicate about 1,000 inhabitants and no less than three churches. Agriculture is very widespread and the pumpkin is the symbol of the village. Every year, the regional pumpkin festival is celebrated on the first weekend of October. To find out more about the regional pumpkin festival, visit the site of the Piozzo local tourist board.

The people in Piozzo are active and resourceful. They are behind the patent for the Zucca Piozzo, an amazing pumpkin, perfect for risotto. The central square (piazza 5 luglio 1944) - which even inspired the drawers of the Cars 2 cartoon - hosts the historical Le Baladin pub, where everything began. In front of the pub, crossing the porch of the town hall, is the entrance to the Casa Baladin beer restaurant. After a short walk along the famous beer-duct, you reach the house where Teo was born and where now Cantina Baladin is located, in his parents’ former chicken coop. This is where some of the precious barley wines like Xyauyù, Terre and Lune are aged.

Take the car, or take a beautiful walk and, a few kilometers away, you will find Baladin Open Garden: the location of the brewery and a meeting place open to all during the summer months. The most curious ones might want to take a detour and visit the hops field, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Piozzo hill, with the steeple of the church in the village center on top of it. Wandering around the streets, meeting the people, enjoying the landscapes... This all explains why the Baladin brewery has always remained loyal
to this small, wonderful place surrounded by nature. Come and see us, to visit the Baladin places together: it will be a fascinating experience.