Petit Baladin Torino

Petit Baladin Torino is a little gem in Turin. Just like all other Baladin joints, it offers a great selection of beers and the classic dishes featured in Baladin menus, such as the legendary fatate, and flavorsome street food made by our chefs.

Daily specials and seasonal dishes made with local ingredients complete the offer. The jewel in the crown is the pork shank cooked in Open Baladin Brune, a dark and smoky beer.

In summer, in addition to a vintage decorated room, Petit Baladin Torino also offers an outdoor space.


The History

At first sight, this may look like an anomaly in the landscape of Baladin places. Well, think again. Petit Baladin has a perfect vintage style, with vintage furnishings and lamps combined in an intentionally alternative-chic patchwork, which is exactly what you would expect in the alternative neighborhood of San Salvario in Turin.

Petit Baladin completes the range of Baladin joints in Turin, along with Open and Baladin Caselle at the airport.

Opening hours: