If you don’t like candied fruit, this one’s for you! We finally have a Baladin panettone without any candied fruit, made in cooperation with Massimo Albertengo, owner of Albertengo Panettoni. This lover of leavened doughs has joined his knowledge with the ability of Teo Musso to create a unique product.

It all starts from a pillar of the Baladin collection, used in the preparation of this panettone and its traditional version: Xyauyù, an oxidized beer that brings us back to the world of passito wines. Other typical ingredients have been added, such as sultanas and the classic icing with almonds, hazelnuts, egg white and sugar. An interesting mix - without any candied fruit, an ingredient that some panettone fans love, while others hate.

Available sizes: net weight 1 kg.


Panettone Baladin should be served during the Christmas festivities, at the end of a meal or with a cup of tea in the afternoon. For the bolder ones, try it with Xyauyù, the beer that gave origin to this excellent product.

Video ricetta di Casa Baladin

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