Open Baladin Genève

Craft beer is at the heart of the Open Baladin Genève brewpub's offer, with 30 beers on tap and the full range of bottled and canned beers produced at the farm brewery in Piozzo, Piedmont. In addition to the two special beers brewed at the pub (Blonde and Blanche Carougeoise), 12 Baladin beers and 16 Swiss craft beers are also available. Cocktail lovers will find easy to drink beer-based cocktails and our "gin tonic", mixed with gin and Baladin tonic waters. The same craft quality is found in the soft drinks of our production, available in classic and innovative flavors.

Rich and accurate dishes, perfect for every time of the day, are the ideal companion to embark on an exploration of taste, where food complements beer and the two bring out the best in each other, searching for the perfect marriage. For those who love leavened products, the chef presents Focaccia Nazionale, the perfect base for creative toppings, including great classics such as mozzarella, as well as salmon marinated in beer or a vegan version with zucchini, mixed seeds, ginger and tomato pesto. Imaginative salads make everyone happy, just as our fried “tidbits” or the Open Baladin ravioli with tasty fillings. Meat and fish courses, of course, are also on offer, as well as the unfailing Open Burgers, made with selected meat from Swiss farms, fish or vegetarian ingredients. 

A unique offer that starts with breakfast, lunch, dinner and continues with a relaxed, enjoyable evening. 


The History

Open is an innovative project developed by Teo Musso "to shake the world of Italian craft beers. Open means open source, it is a project based on sharing" (“Baladin. La Birra artigianale è tutta colpa di Teo", published by Feltrinelli).

It all started from a beer, called Open, launched in 2008 as the first Italian open source beer: its recipe, downsized for homebrewing, was published on our website for everyone to read. The goal was to share a recipe that would create interest and help spread the culture of Italian craft beer throughout the country.

The Open concept has given rise to pubs in Italy (Baladin Open Garden, Open Baladin in Cuneo, Turin, Rome) and since 2022 also abroad, with Open Baladin Genève. They all share the same approach: they offer a wide selection of beers. Some are brewed at Teo’s brewery, but many come from other craft breweries and are always available on tap. The idea is that sharing can grow the knowledge and culture of craft beer. 

Open Baladin Genève is not only the first Open bar abroad, but it is also a brewpub with an active brewing facility that will produce special beers, only available on site. It will also host collaborations with other craft breweries to let the project evolve in yet another direction. 

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