Tonica Paprika – Limited edition

Here comes Tonica Paprika Baladin, limited edition, flavored with paprika and with a label dedicated to the new comic book by Mirka Andolfo “Sweet Paprika” (published by Star Comics).

A unique tonic water, thanks to its spicy taste and lobster color.

The use of paprika creates an enveloping sensation that combines bitterness with notes of saffron, tomato peel and a fresh and pungent note of chili.

Perfect for a spicy Gin Tonic that can be paired with pasta with tomato sauce.

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Tonica Paprika is made in Piozzo by B.Botanic, a company created to make Baladin soft drinks and an incubator for the research and development of new beverages.


The story of a project created by friends

Teo is having dinner with Mirka, Davide, Claudia and Simone. They are celebrating the Star Days – the event organized by the comic book publisher Star Comics - drinking the Nazionale dedicated to the event. The label shows the profile of beautiful Astrid, a character drawn by the superstar of international comics: Mirka Andolfo.

Mirka is talking about her new project: Sweet Paprika: “Paprika is a little devil. She’s beautiful and flirtatious. She works as an editor in New York and she’s a real boss-lady”. But when it comes to love, she’s a disaster. One day, a handsome delivery boy with angelic features comes into her life. He will teach her all the secrets of love…”.  

Teo, filled with enthusiasm, immediately suggests the creation of a new drink to celebrate its launch: Tonica Paprika.

That night, a new adventure shared by Baladin and Star Comics begins.

Mirka Andolfo has created a fantastic illustration for the label and, in cooperation with the Baladin graphic artists, is taking care of all the details to create the right alignment between the editorial project and the drink. Are you ready to read the adventures of this sexy devil while enjoying an incredible spicy tonic water?

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Who is Mirka Andolfo?

Mirka Andolfo is an illustrator and writer from Naples. She draws comic books and covers for DC Comics (Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman) and Marvel (Ms Marvel). With her episode for Harley Quinn Black+White+Red she was the first Italian author to write and draw for DC. She is the creator of the critically appraised and commercially successful cult series Un/Sacred, Unnatural e Mercy, published in more than seventeen countries in the world (including the United States). She cooperates with publishers and companies all over the world, and has worked as an illustrator on campaigns for Paramount, 20th Century Studios, Netflix and Juventus. 

Her highly anticipated Sweet Paprika will be released on 19 May 2021. 

If you want to know more about her art, visit her website.