Roxa: the New Baladin Beer on Tap!

The history of Baladin begins in a pub: the legendary Le Baladin in Piozzo. It becomes a brewpub in 1996. Initially, its experiments focus on beers that are only served on tap. It then begins to bottle its creatures and becomes a pioneer in the effort to penetrate a new market and use restaurants as an alternative channel to market beer.

This, however, does not take anything away from Teo’s love for drinking beer at the bar, a special place where customers become part of a story, and share their impressions, comments and, often, life stories with the publican.

This is the thought behind Roxa, an amber ale with the right alcohol content to be the perfect companion for the pub experience. Full of scents and tastes, it maintains a good balance despite the distinctive bitter note.

Once again, Teo confirms his approach to reinterpreting beer styles and his particular predilection for spices. The result is an American amber ale, with citrusy and bitter notes that are mainly due to two elements: the use of hops added with the dry-hopping (cold infusion) technique, and the presence of bitter orange zest, accompanied by a caramelized and roasted malt created specifically for this recipe.

Roxa is a modern beer, to be sipped while chatting with your friends and eating classic pub grub.

It is only available on tap, as the pub is its natural habitat: enjoy it at the bar, and it will taste even better.

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