OPEN 2022 – Italian Black IPA

The Open project was launched in 2008 with the first open source beer in Italian history. Its recipe was published for homebrewing lovers to replicate it. 

As of this year, the project takes on a renewed impetus that ties it even more closely to the idea of sharing with passionate homebrewers. 

Every year, a new beer will be created and identified by the year date. The recipe will be developed jointly by Teo, the Italian homebrewing champion and the Baladin master brewers. It will then become the Open beer for the entire year, until stocks last. The limited edition beer will be available in cans and casks. 

This visionary project consolidates the cooperation with Mo.BI, a movement that promotes beer culture thanks to the work of its volunteers - tasters, beer lovers and non-professional brewers (homebrewers) - and organizes the Italian homebrewing championship. 

Open 2022, a 100% Italian Black IPA, has been created with three champions (to make up for the editions canceled due to Covid): Elia Barozzi (2019) – Jacopo Deola (2020) – Luca Trovato (2021). The recipe is available HERE.


The Beer

Only produced in casks and 7,000 cans, Open 2022 has an intense brown color with a nice beige-colored head. 

The Italian-grown hops release pleasant scents of citrus fruit. The bitterness from the hops elegantly blends with the notes of roasted malts, while the finish is fresh and citrusy.