NAZIONALE LUPPOLO FRESCO 2020 limited edition


Nazionale Luppolo Fresco, 2020 edition - is the harvest craft beer by Baladin, which uses fresh hops flowers, cultivated in Piedmontese fields.


At the end of summer, hop is harvested and used in a short period, to transfer the maximum expression and its aroma’s freshness into a new version known as harvest.

So Baladin characterizes his Nazionale, a symbol of Italy and of the connection with agriculture: from the Earth to the Glass.

A limited edition in kegs and cans (only 3000 cans available!)

Since 2011 Baladin made the first 100% Italian craft beer by using only Italian ingredients from origin.

 Discover Nazionale Luppolo Fresco 2020!


The best way to taste it, is to consume it fresh… and so, hurry up.